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Picture this:

Right now, you're sitting down for your third meeting with a member of your personal team of industry proven experts. 

In the first meeting, you discussed your marketing and sales metrics and were given an easy-to-follow spreadsheet for tracking your numbers. And in the last meeting, you met with a proven sales copywriter to dig deep into your marketing avatar and marketing messaging. (In fact, your new sales page and email sequence is being written right now!)

And today, you're talking with a man who's developed offers for dozens and dozens of high ticket entrepreneurs like you AND who's specifically trained in human psychology.

And you know that by this time next week, you'll have your offer, pricing, marketing messages, sales script, technical automation, LinkedIn funnel, and more completely fleshed out and ready to go.

And even better, you'll have your own Client Acquisition Specialist sending messages on LinkedIn and fielding calls for you starting within the next two weeks. And managing that specialist is a Sales Manager who's not only a bestselling author, he's helped teams reach over $1,000,000 in sales. 

And you can rest assured knowing that all of these people - 

  • Your Client Acquisition Specialist
  • Your Sales Manager
  • Your Offer Specialist
  • Your Sales Copywriter
  • Your Automation Specialist
  • Your LinkedIn Strategist

Are all working together to make your business even more successful than it already is.

How does that sound? 

Can you see how many leads are coming into your database each and every week? How many new email subscribers and appointments are coming across your desk? And then, even better, how you're getting sales calls done without having to do them yourself?

Can you feel how much more relief you'll experience when you know that your marketing, lead generation, and sales are completely taken care of? 

Which long forgotten "to do list" will you tackle first? Is it finally finishing that book? Starting the podcast? Maybe even taking some much-needed time off to spend it with the family? 

All of this is possible when you join The Closing Engine as our next "Done For You" Sales + Lead Generation Client.
We take one client at a time and transform their marketing, sales, and lead generation processes so that they can get more leads and more sales fast.

Here's how we do it: