Sales Development Reps – can you make the cut?


Howdy! I’m Jeremy Pope, founder of The Closing Engine.

We’re a small team and growing fast. Growing means hiring, for our internal team.

We all work from home, and you should consider this a ‘nearly full time’ time commitment. 4hrs per day in a nearly-uninterrupted block will be needed.

We’re a sales company for small business owners – we keep the bureaucracy down to a minimum, and aim at zero overflow from business to personal life.

This sales position is critical to our company. You’ll be generating and qualifying incoming leads with four simple criteria, and handing them off to our closers.

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Knowledge – Be an insider of a fast-growing (and messy) company who helps small biz owners. You want to learn FAST? This is the place for you.

Money – $105,000/yr on-target earnings.

Skills – You’ll be learning to tap into “harnessed enthusiasm” that gets people CLIENTS.

Long-term advancement – We’re growing to a 300-person team. There IS room to grow here, and we’re passionate about that.

VERY close team – We straight up love each other here. You have to be OK with virtual group hugs. (Run away if you’re a lone wolf. We can love you too, but not as part of the team.)

Training – We have a monthly education budget for EVERY team member, and not only do we insist you use it, we want to hear your IDEAS as well!

This is not a ‘top-down ideas’ company, we all contribute and are rewarded.

This IS an entry-level position, and initiative is rewarded here.


This is OUTREACH-based social media. Straight up lead generation, finding opportunities for our clients from incoming friend requests and connections (mostly on Linkedin.) On top of that, you’ll be qualifying these incoming leads using our proven 4-question checklist.

You’ll be trained to near-instantly recognize if an incoming conversation is:
a possible sales lead,
an interview possibility for publicity for our clients,
a partnership/referral opportunity,
a timewaster, etc.

You’ll be spending a few moments researching and reading up on the profiles (and websites) of the people you’re talking to – that’s where we recognize most opportunities!

You’ll be talking with folks that need our clients’ services, scheduling phone calls for the closers, keeping your eyes open for publicity opportunities and referral partnerships.

You need to be fast, course-correct quickly, and a creative, casual, fun writer. This means… be comfortable to be yourself. Nobody wants boring or stiff – our target isn’t corporate or enterprise.

General Qualifications:

You’ve worked in a similar position requiring consistency, motivation, and problem solving.
Proficient in CRM/ Ticketing or ERP. (ActiveCampaign experience is a plus.)
100% comfortable talking with dozens of small business owners and solopreneurs on a daily basis.
“Obsessed” with learning about people, creating relationships, and deeply connecting with them.

  • Accurate typist (40wpm or higher)
  • Mac or PC, this job CANNOT be done from a smartphone.
  • You’ll need a great internet connection for this job – you’ll be doing lots of video calls.
  • Comfortable with technology – you’ll be using several pieces of software daily.
  • Able to constantly stay up to date with our CRM (ActiveCampaign), phone system (NectarDesk), task management (Asana) and GSuite apps.
  • North American
  • Must be at least a LITTLE sarcastic to fit in.
  • Supremely coachable and resilient, able to deal with regular low-level rejection.
  • Must be a great speller – grammar nerds welcome!
  • A MASTER of tracking and followup. We have the systems already, but you must use them – that’s how we all stay in sync and on track.
  • You should be able to discuss the book ‘Unselling’ by Peter Bourke in our interview. It’s short, fantastic, and available on Amazon for free.
  • Ability to read between the lines and recognize motivations.
  • High integrity. If you commit to anything, it must be done, on time, every time.
  • Fast response times and ability to prioritize.
  • High initiative and proactive – figure things out, implement ‘good enough’ solutions now AND ask for coaching later.

CRITICALLY, you need to be super-aggressive about solving problems FAST if something isn’t working. If you’re not willing to take initiative to get the job done, you’ll quickly fall behind.

This job is to generate and handle leads, qualify them, and hand them off. Everything you do has to ultimately serve that end. And by extension, your growth and satisfaction with our company.

If you can’t figure it out in 10 minutes yourself, minute 11 should be asking for help.

Additionally, we hold ourselves highly accountable for doing business ethically and honestly. You’ll be briefed on our ethics and legal compliance requirements before you start.

Here’s what will happen if you fit our profile:

7 Day Targets:

  • Acclimate to TCE (People, KPIs, Meeting invites, Culture)
  • Learn product knowledge for your client
  • Complete tech onboarding – logins and learning hotkeys etc
  • Learn/understand policies and procedures (time off, NDA, pmt details, etc)
  • Weekly onboarding check in: look for ways to improve personally and organizationally, communicate what’s happening

14 Day Targets:

  • Thoroughly understand how to hit all KPIs
  • Shadow salesperson 4x
  • Roleplay 4x, demonstrate understanding of TCE sales mindset
  • Understand signs of motivation issues and how to get out of ruts
  • Active 1 day on new client

30 Day Targets:

  • Comfortable with all tech systems and product offerings
  • 40 new screening calls completed (20 per week for 2 weeks)
  • 5 qualified strategy calls set in week 3, 10 more in week 4
  • Follow established processes for your role consistently (95%)

60 Day Targets:

  • Hit KPI for weekly screening calls (40 per client)
  • Hit KPI for weekly qualified strategy calls (15 per client)
  • 100% consistent following established processes for your role
  • Fully onboarded and comfortable in role, understand what it takes to advance from junior SDR position

90 Day Targets:

  • Hit all weekly KPIs consistently (for the last 3 weeks)
  • Give written feedback on onboarding process
  • Meeting with manager to present written career vision

Full-Time KPI quotas

  • 40 screening calls per week per client
  • 12 daily researched manual outreaches per client
  • 3 daily qualified strategy calls per client
  • Strategy calls at 90% qualified mark (Qualified: Interest, Budget, Not a Jerk, and Helpable/Solvable)
  • Sub 5-calendar-day Average Time To Strategy Call
  • Sub-15% NCNS/Reschedule Rate
  • 95% Following Processes re communication, followup, and reporting


We pay junior SDRs $65 per appointment, with closing bonuses and performance bonuses for going above quota on qualified strategy calls.

Working on 2 clients seems to be a fairly consistent limit for ‘non-burnout’ workdays.

On-Target Earnings: $105,000 yearly.


For rapid career advancement: Manager, closer, other departments. We aim to have 300 employees by the time we’re done growing here!

(If the application’s broken or we don’t email you back within 2 business days, please email and we’ll figure out something else. How does a form break, you ask? Good question. I have no good answers though.)