Looking For Work?

Here's what you need to know before you apply.

We're on a hiring spree.

We're on a hiring spree. For instance - regarding salespeople, our business model requires at minimum a 2/1 ratio of new closers per client, so we pretty much always need great folks.

We require great communication.

You're going to need great communication skills to work with us. We communicate for a living via phone and text, and you should be able to be really clear. If you can't string together 2 sentences coherently in an email or text, this isn't going to be a fit.

We hire full-time, but we're flexible.

We hire mostly full-time, but we ARE flexible. Lots of our folks started out with us while they finished up with another job, and reassured themselves this was 'real'. We also usually hire slowly to make sure we get along well. If you're in an emergency situation right now, this most likely isn't for you. (EDIT: THIS HAS CHANGED A BIT DURING COVID-19. We understand a lot of folks are under extreme pressure right now.)

We're demanding... but also laid back.

We are both demanding and laid-back. Demanding in that we want you to GROW with us. If you don't have a top performer's attitude, we aren't the organization to train that into you. We'll train skills and techniques, but you need to bring attitude and dedication.

Laid-back in that we value family, personal time, and we aren't an 'emergency culture'. We don't expect you to work outside your normal hours on a regular basis. If you're working late more than just once in a while, we've done something wrong.

We hire two types of people.

We hire two types of people:
1. Ambitious folks who want to rise through the organization, and maybe even start their own business
2. Folks who have found their 'perfect spot' and skillset and just want to be FANTASTIC at that thing until they retire.

We want top performers, and only top performers. It's kinda what we do. If you're into it and have drive, this won't be off-putting. We want people who can really care.

There's nobody else out there like us that values ideas, learning, skills, AND family time the way we do. We want to help you succeed in ALL the important areas!

If all that still sounds good, then please:

  1. Read about our company culture
  2. Take a look at our client intake form
  3. Click the orange link below to apply to work with us.