About The Closing Engine

"The first time I realized speakers and coaches needed more than ‘just another salesperson’ was during a discovery call. The business owner had been doing ALL his own prospecting and sales, but was trapped by his lack of time.

He’d tried hiring 5 or 6 salespeople in the last year, but it never worked out.

His salespeople had flaked, failed to close, started their own businesses, stolen leads, or were so disorganized that leads never got worked properly. The business owner was completely unable to leave the phones without wasting ALL their advertising dollars.

I heard the EXACT SAME problems from 3 other business owners in the course of a week.

These owners weren’t ‘playing at business' - they had decent ad budgets, spending $3-$15k a month on FB ads. So they knew what they were doing with the marketing, and they could CLOSE - but they were trapped on the phone.

5-10 hours on the phone, every DAY? That’s a full-time job in itself - they couldn’t spend time making deals, creating courses, GROWING their business. Their focus was split in unhealthy ways.

After the 3rd phone call (I know, I’m slow sometimes), I realized they didn’t need a salesperson, they needed a sales DEPARTMENT.

Forcing themselves to manage a sales team doesn’t work, either. Sales teams need a LOT of management. Hiring is HARD. Training is expensive and incredibly time-consuming. Quality control and coaching? Forget about it.

So we built an ‘insourced sales department’.

Imagine having all this at your fingertips:

  • A VP of sales, quality control processes, tracking, and the tech to run it all. Effective sales training.
  • A ready-made culture of camaraderie, ethical behavior, fun, and relaxed but high standards.
  • Market-Proven High-ticket CLOSERS
  • HR - recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, coaching, commissioning, payment, taxes, and everything else.
  • Proven high ticket copywriting and funnel design to "stack the deck" in your favor
  • Twice-a-month calibrations so sales funnel always matches your marketing efforts.

You don't have to go it alone. Get your freedom back by booking a call NOW."

- Jeremy Pope, Founder, The Closing Engine

Meet the TCE Team of Experts

Jeremy Pope

Founder and CEO


Client Conversion

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Client Conversion


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Bob Fritchey

"Profit First" Evangelist
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