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The Right Answer for the Course Creator Who Has Hit The Wall Scaling Post-Webinar Sales

The Closing Engine is best for the owner of a business that consistently generates three or more sales calls per day, from webinar traffic to application, for an offer that sells for $3,000 or more.

Successful business owners—and those on the brink of success—all agree they’ve run into one or more of these critical revenue generation barriers:

  • failed and frustrating attempts to hire, train, and retain pro salespeople
  • too many leads and not enough sales staff to work them
  • way too much of the owner’s time spent on hiring and managing the sales department
  • realization by the owner that you can’t do everything yourself—including all the sales—and despite the likelihood that no one will sell it as well as you can, you know you have to delegate to grow…but to who?
  • not knowing where to look to find, attract, and provide ongoing feedback for salespeople in a controlled environment.


A revenue generation machine without the hassles of day-to-day supervision

The fact is that nearly all business owners want an operation that can scale, but they can’t handle the ongoing, time-eating management problems that come with it. The Closing Engine gives you an entire done-for-you high ticket sales DEPARTMENT who receive continuous training and feedback…with the management team to handle everything supporting them.

The fact is, if you’ve plateaued on conversion and revenue for any of the reasons noted above, you aren’t going to get out of this situation on your own. You’ll just get more of the same, alone. The upsetting process of finding, hiring, training, and losing expert salespeople is going to continue…

Would-be profitable leads will keep being missed because you’re still begging for enough competent sales staff…

Your personal time will go on getting eaten up in huge chunks by staffing and time problems…

…if you don’t make a change.

Get The Best-Trained, Most Effective Sales Pros In The Industry From The Closing Engine Working for You

Everyone hits a bottleneck trying to manage post-webinar sales themselves. Congratulations on getting here! But you can see where sole dependence on yourself for trying to figure out hiring, managing, and retaining an effective sales staff takes you, if you’re not already in the thick of it: frustration, disappointment, and despair.

It’s time to make a serious change for serious improvement in conversion and revenue.

We want to know a little more about you to discover whether we’re a fit to work together. So complete this application, and let us know that you’re ready to break out past your current conversion and revenue wall with help from The Closing Engine.

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